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Just the other night I was able to memorize 100 numbers total, in about two hours! If you had asked me to do that before learning the techniques I’d never be able to do that! Hell, I’d laugh at the thought, especially considering how hard it is to remember numbers in the first place. - Andy Valdez

I would gladly pay four times the amount. You have a heart to serve people and to leave the world a better place. I can't tell you enough how your memory techniques have positively impacted me. - Peter Guirguis

I’m now able to memorize much faster and with greater recall than before. Today I have nearly 200 Memory Palaces, and more keep popping in to my mind. Thank you again for these wonderful tools, and for being such a magnetic figure in the memory community. Your work is truly inspiring. – Ivar Haukelidsaeter

I really enjoy this. The Magnetic Memory Method makes learning not suck. Found some love of learning in very dense subjects. It is beautiful. - Robert Spraggs

You have changed my life!! I am back to my old self of studying and learning on a daily basis. With your techniques it is more fun and all around better. - Linda Myers

The biggest thing for me is that all the information you give and your style and your teaching is so grounded. You convey the feeling that nothing can be done wrong. Just relax and start. If you make a mistake, learn from it, improve it. It’s that laid back attitude but with the laser targeted important stuff you convey. Also, you don’t teach just the mnemonics. You teach so much more between the lines. That’s just great. - Claudio Cuel

I am studying to become a bodyworker in Japan and had an exam on origins and insertions of 140 muscles. With your advice I made a few Memory Palaces and memorized all 140. Thank you so much. I owe my success to your method. - Yuko Niizeki

Anthony's teaching is totally unique in memory training. - Paul Deery