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"Read With Momentum": A 5-Week Course On Mastering Memory & Comprehension

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Victorious Mind Audiobook Exclusive Bundle


ONE TIME OFFER: One of the greatest ways to develop as a successful person is to master memory-based meditation. And right now, you can access my most POWERFUL training book that shows you how to meditate properly.

Never again fall prey to unwanted thoughts from an undisciplined mind! You can create "Victory" over your mental chaos!

The Victorious Mind is an Ebook And Audiobook bundle with video elements that grants you access to my personal meditation routines, the same "meditation stack" I've followed for years to help me achieve lasting mental peace.

Narrated myself in a professional studio, I walk you personally through detailed examples and the special ingredients that make memory-based meditation more powerful and effective than any other kind.

Just read the book, copy my exact routines and enjoy watching your thoughts grow quieter as your focus grows.

This powerful resource will help you combat the erosion of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that currently hold you back. Check the above to add this incredible offer to your order now.

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Anatomy I never thought I could master has become fun and easy. What I have learned has changed my life! I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am able to remember things now. - Laura Roy

I would gladly pay four times the amount. You have a heart to serve people and to leave the world a better place. I can't tell you enough how your memory techniques have positively impacted me. - Peter Guirguis

Memory improvement apps might train you to have sharp eyes or develop your reflexes. But your brain exercise strategies help me solve real memory problems in real time. If I had to pick between apps and your strategies, my choice is obvious: It will be your strategies. - Chetan Belgur

I consider Anthony Metivier a personal mentor. If there is someone who thinks about and uses memory techniques as often as he does, I haven't found that person. He connects the dots better than anyone I know and will teach you how to use mnemonics to enhance the quality of your life. - John Graham, 2018 USA Memory Champion

I’ve personally found some of Anthony Metivier’s memory tips to be extremely useful when I’m looking to memorize anything from foreign words to personal names, to equations. He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around. - Barbara Oakley

In two weeks, I was able to memorize more than 200 new actors I’m planning to use to memorize new knowledge in the future. - Julio Hahn

This course reminded me that I only need to take advantage of my imagination and to channel it. For those of you prepared to put Anthony's teachings into practice, you will find him both an engaging instructor and generous with his assistance. - Richard Gilzean

It’s like taking the limitless pill….but no pill required. Put frankly, if you’re someone reading this and debating whether or not you should invest in this program, ask yourself this question, ‘Can I really afford to not have these skill sets?’ – Andy Valdez

Your memory techniques helped me pass the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians exams, and so get the job I dreamed of! - Hugh Jones

Using the MMM to put key points into long term memory, I feel that I am actually getting my money’s worth now when I read books and take courses. You've helped me retain so much useful material over the years. - Jamie Stone